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Manarola (manaèa in local dialect) is the second village of Cinque Terre.
The village is on a steep dark rock promontory and is surrounded by terraced vineyards, built in the past centuries by its inhabitants. Lino Crovara used to say that Manarola looks like a   "hive on a rock / a seagull nest / high on the waves" , a village where "the gentle whisper of the waves caresses attentive ears and souls".

The romanesque Church of San Lorenzo is in the higher part of the village. The front wheel window, embellished by 12 columns with Romanesque capitals with leaves and the external ring, representing of human and lion heads are worth to be noted.
The main road goes down to the sea and crosses several tiny streets (carugi), which offer unexpected breathtaking panoramas.

Via Belvedere
takes you to two extremely fascinating places: Piazza castello and the arpaio, where houses directly lie on   the sheer cliff .


The well known Via dell'Amore, the famous path carved in the rock, goes from Riomaggiore to Manarola and offers breathtaking views on the steep coastline A walk during the sunrise or sunset offers you the necessary quietness to enjoy the magic of this places.

The Light nativity (8/12-20/1) which spreads over the whole hill and the San Lorenzo feast (10/8) with the typical procession are worth a visit.

Since 2001 Manarola is listed among the 100 most beautiful italian villages

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